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1.What is SuperWealth Online Business?
Ans: It is a pure online business that sells the SuperWealth Rights to every individual who wants to participate in the program

2.What is a SuperWealth Rights and how does it work?
Ans: SWR compose of 2 concept of rights. The Commission Right and the Revenue Share Right.

3.What is Commission Right? ( RC )
Ans: Commission Right is a right given to every official member wherein he will be earning from his referrals on the following levels.

15% from his first level
5% from his 2nd level
4% from his 3rd level
3% from his 4th level
2% from his 5th level
1% from his 6th level
1% from his 7th level
1% from 8th level
1% from 9th level
1% from 10th level

4.What is Revenue Share Right? (RS)
Ans: Revenue Share Right is a right given to every official member wherein he will have an equal share from the 35% of sales in membership entry

5.What are the Membership Entry that are sold in SW?

SW100 = It has 1x Revenue Share Right and the full benefits of Commission Right
SW500= It has 5x Revenue Share Right and the full benefits of Commission Right
SW1000= It has 10x Revenue Share Right and the full benefits of Commission Right

6. Does SW allows multiple accounts?
Ans: Yes, but with different email and username for every account

7.Can member upgrade the membership entries within the same account?
Ans: Yes! He will just add 400 PHP to avail the upgrade in Sw500 and 900 PHP to Sw1000. He can also upgrade from Sw500 to Sw1000

8.Can member have both Sw500 and Sw1000 in one account?
Ans: Yes! He has a choice to have 2 SW membership in one account

9. What are the mode of payments in buying the Super Wealth Rights?

*Paypal = ( Dollar is the only accepted currency for payment. It should be $2.5 for SW100, $12.5 for SW1000,and $25 for SW1000

*Union Bank (Eon Account) = 109451966650 , account owner is Daniel Guevarra Jr

*BPI =8939 2798 58 , account owner is Daniel Guevarra Jr

*Smart Money = 5299-6732-6496-7111 , account owner is Daniel Guevarra Jr

*Gcash = 09153746987 ,account owner is Daniel Guevarra Jr

*Local Remittances = Western, Lbc, Palawan, and Cebuana only. Send to Daniel Guevarra Jr. After payment, the picture of receipt should be sent to me in facebook MY FACEBOOK

10. How many wallet is there in SW ?
Ans: There is only one unified wallet for SW100,SW500,and SW1000 . This means that all your payments ,earnings , and withdrawal will be concentrated and handled in one wallet only

11. What is the minimum withdrawal of SW?
Ans: 300 PHP

12. What are the mode of withdrawals ?
Ans: You can withdraw through






* LOAD WALLET = You can request withdrawal as a load wallet or ordinary load to any mobile network in philippines.You must have an activated simcard first in youload.

13. Is there payment and withdrawal fee ?
Yes, 3% from SW withdrawal request. Any additional fee from payment processor will be handled by the member.

14. How long does it take for withdrawal to be processed?
Ans: Withdrawal from Eon,Paypal,Gcash,and Smart Money will be processed within more or less 48 hours ( on the second day of withdrawal request between 8 to 12 PM). Remittances will be processed every THURSDAY only.Load wallet will be processed within 12 hours. If there are unavoidable events , schedule may change

15. Is There expiration of the Super Wealth Rights?
There is no expiration of Super Wealth Right. This is a lifetime right!

16. Is there a risk of loosing your money?
Ans: The SW business is like any other business which based its profit from the sales. As long as there are people who will avail our unique Super Wealth Rights concept , then business will continue to prosper and members will continue to earn abundantly.

17. Will SuperWealth change its policy in the future?
Ans: No! This policy will remain as it is.Any additional system that will be incorporated is only for enhancement and should not change the main policy on earning system.

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